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Aggressively Protecting Parental Rights in Oklahoma

Given the high rate of divorce or unmarried parents, many parents have begun to examine fathers’ rights in parenting and family planning. A father’s rights may include the father’s right to parenting time with his children, the right to consult before adoption, and the right to leave work to raise his child. The Oklahoma dads rights section has the information you need to understand the rights of fathers in relation to their children.

The importance of the mother’s role in the growth and development of the baby is no longer in doubt. But to support optimal growth, the father’s role is also really needed. Fathers have an important role for the little one, especially in supporting his cognitive and behavioral development until he grows up. So not only as of the head of the family in charge of providing for the family, but fathers should also continue to participate in assisting the growth and development of their children.

Benefits of Father’s Active Role for Child Development

According to a University College London study, most fathers only begin to build closeness with their children when they reach puberty. In fact, the closeness between father and son must start early, especially when the baby is 0-3 years old. This is because that age is a golden period in the baby’s growth and development. If the father has played an active role since that age, here are some benefits that can be obtained:

1. Increase Children’s Creativity

According to a British study, children who have had a close relationship with their father since the age of 9 months tend to be more active. Not only that, but he will also have higher creativity after turning 5 years old.

2. Better Emotion Control

Children who grow and develop with the active support of their father are believed to have better emotional control. This will certainly help the personality and social spirit of children when they grow up.

3. Sharpen Psychology

There are many things a father can do to support the growth and development of his little one, such as holding or playing with him. In addition to encouraging children to be more creative, this habit can also hone children’s psychological development for the better.

4. Forming Children’s Initiatives

Father’s role in raising children from an early age helps shape his initiatives towards the environment. This indirectly also hones children’s social skills and makes it easier to adapt to new environments.

The Role of a Father’s Rights Lawyer

Many fathers following a separation or divorce often argue that Oklahoma Law favors the mother when issues regarding child contact and child custody arise. This often leads many fathers to believe that they have no right to see their children. A father living in Oklahoma has the right to have a say in the care of their child. If this cannot be agreed with the mother, then the father can take steps to secure their right to see their children.

If you are concerned about a father or would like to better understand what rights a father has to see his child, contact one of the Oklahoma parental rights attorneys to be able to assist in dealing with your question. Oklahoma parental rights attorneys seek to help fathers maintain close relationships with their children after divorce.

Sometimes it is more appropriate for the children to live especially with the father after the divorce because the father is the more stable and consistent parent. Sometimes it is appropriate to equalize the time between where the father and mother live. Each client case is unique based on the circumstances of the parents and children. Lawyers help fathers create parenting plans to help both parents become equally involved in their children’s daily lives, and in some cases, custody of their children if that solution is best for the children.