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Every day, technology advances in unique ways that demand that humans adjust to these advancements and adapt them to their lifestyles.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the recent advancements in technology that has changed both outlook and operations of various technologies.

Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, is a method of technology that makes machines smart and has some features of the human mind. This advancement with AI has changed a lot of things in technology, and how people use them.

On, users talk about how their interactions with technology have changed with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, and how it affects their lives daily. With this AI advancement, a Mobile network provider, can study the behaviors of its users and improve its services.

Compiled below are some ways Artificial Intelligence is affecting everyday human life.

1.      Social Media

Social media is a platform for people to connect with other people across the world. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Quora are where people meet other people online to share ideas on issues, give their opinions, store pictures, and build a community of people without restrictions to locations. The advancement in technology through AI has improved these connections and also helps people find communities that they can relate to, using the information provided by them.

2.      E-commerce

Trading online is a means of exchanging products and services through technology-enhanced platforms without moving from one place to another. AI affects everyday human life in the e-commerce space, by helping product or service providers find their target audience – analyzing customer interactions on the sites, providing information on ranking – and also helping consumers find personalized products or services by interpreting their interactions on e-commerce sites.

3.      Search Engines

The search engines – Google, Bing, Yahoo, – that are available now have taken advantage of all the features of Artificial Intelligence, and use it to help people find what they are looking for through suggestions based on what the person has searched on the engine. Because AI is built to imitate the human mind, it can use algorithms to determine the intent of a searcher using any of the search engines and make it easier for humans to find what they want on the internet.

4.      Digital Assistants

Machines that are structured to think like humans are now helping humans to do their daily activities. These machines – Alexa and Google Home – have gained both relevance and popularity among humans. Without leaving a spot, a person can control home appliances or play movies and music by sending instructions to the digital assistants. These machines are programmed to do these things with little or no human interference.

5.      Discovering New Things

Another major way AI has affected everyday human life is the way it helps people discover new things by making recommendations based on the type of things the people. Most apps use a user’s information to recommend things they might like to them. For example, the Netflix and Spotify apps make music and movie recommendations based on recent watches or listens.


Advancement in technology is what keeps it relevant and important to humans. Every day, humans find ways to do things or solve problems easily and having machines built with Artificial Intelligence helps them achieve these goals.